Timberlook Flush Sash

Whether you are undertaking a conservation scheme, new-build home or renovation, the Timberlook heritage flush sash window system is an ideal choice for any project.

Timberlook is a PVCu window system that successfully replicates traditional and heritage designs, making it ideal for historic and conservation projects. Timberlook flush sash window frames are also suitable for modern living as they are energy-efficient and virtually maintenance-free.

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Technology and materials have been moving forward and developing rapidly, creating more energy-efficient windows with greater longevity, higher security and better recyclability. However, we feel that taking an occasional look back can have merits too. Reflecting lets us preserve the look and feel of our architectural heritage and make the most of those designs and aesthetics perfected long ago.

Timberlook PVCu flush sash Somerset windows are virtually indistinguishable from timber and have significant advantages. Timberlook flush sash windows are undoubtedly more affordable than real wood and can significantly impact the comfort and appearance of any property. Advances in materials and manufacturing also mean that the insulation performance is better than ever while still being easy to maintain.

chartwell windows on old stone house
chartwell green windows on old stone house
open slash window

As beautiful as real timber is, it can swell and shrink or warp and twist, depending on the weather. In addition, wooden window frames are expensive to buy and need ongoing care and attention. The cost and time required to preserve their appearance soon add up. Timberlook heritage flush sash windows do not need that sort of maintenance.

The flush exterior finish (with square mortise & tenon features) mimics heritage casement designs. Timberlook also boasts a refined internal decoration that perfectly marries modern technology with traditional looks.

Timberlook is an ideal choice for any home or building with a wide selection of period colours and wood-effect finishes. These colours also include a smooth grey colour (Anthracite 7016) that matches the most popular aluminium bi-fold door colour.


Timberlook is a new PVCu flush sash window system with a square mortise and tenon looking fabrication for both the sash and the outer frame. This design replaces the tell-tale mitred joints that typically identify a window fabricated from PVCu.

Additionally, the Timberlook flush sash system has a 70mm back to front frame size to make your installation fast, a slim 60mm sash to replicate a timber sash and a night latch as standard.

Recreating original and heritage styles with the ‘cottage bar’ or astragal bar is straightforward and effective. The glazing bars, which measure 22mm, are mounted onto the glass’s surface to maintain the glazing unit’s thermal efficiency while also preserving the traditional look of the window.

The Timberlook flush sash system is virtually identical to the most expensive flush timber windows, with features such as an optional deep bottom rail and concealed external trickle ventilation.

Trickle Ventilation & Dual Setting Night Vent

When trickle ventilation is required, it is usually rather unsightly externally. However, we don’t believe in spoiling the appearance of your window or property; if your project includes trickle ventilation, a head drip can conceal extended cover vents on the Timberlook outer frame.

Timberlook windows have high-performance security systems and a dual setting for night ventilation unique to the Timberlook flush sash window.

The espagnolette and striker provide an effective, secure locking system with a smooth closing action. As an approved Secured by Design product, it meets PAS024:2012 with ease and is perfect for flush-fitting windows.

The Best of Both Worlds

Timberlook flush sash windows have the perfect combination of a traditional appearance and aesthetics. However, they still utilise modern technologies and materials, offering you the best of both worlds.

The windows and doors are beautiful, accurately recreated and have a realistic timber effect with all the benefits of the most up-to-date PVCu products. Put simply, the Timberlook flush sash window system is the re-designed wooden window for the 21st century.

outside exterior of house with windows
bay windows with sofa
chartwell windows on house

Timberlook flush sash windows are made in Great Britain by one of the largest fabricators of PVCu and aluminium window and door systems. The Timberlook system results from expert manufacture and design combined with knowledge and experience in innovation. As a result, it’s a product that respects the architecture of the past while preparing buildings for the future.

Due to their refined simplicity, flush casements can be found in buildings from all periods. The understated and minimal appearance fits perfectly in contemporary properties too. It is now possible to get the character look you want from a thermally efficient and secure window – tradition working with technology.

Transom Weather Bar & Cills

An optional decorative transom weather bar can be fitted externally to Timberlook flush casement windows to replicate traditional wooden windows that boast this design feature.

Timberlook flush sash windows look beautiful with the contemporary shallow cill offered as standard. Still, we feel that the Radlington Cill is one accessory you must consider adding.

The Radlington Cill is a deeper-nosed cill at a height of 55mm. It is a modern interpretation of the type of cill found on older traditional timber windows and is a superior upgrade to the standard cill available. Choosing to add the Radlington Cill will make your windows stand out.

Old imperial bricks varied in height (modern metric bricks measure 65mm), and old timber cills were deep and often aligned with a course of bricks. The Radlington Cill, at 55mm, is a modern interpretation that allows for packing expansion, bay pole jacks and irregular mortar.

When replacing traditional timber windows, installation becomes more manageable and more authentic in appearance. The Radlington Cill helps recreate that traditional and characterful look in contemporary and new-build properties.

Timberlook Flush Doors

Timberlook flush doors are the only system that will perfectly complement the Timberlook heritage flush sash window.

Timberlook flush sash doors can help you sympathetically renovate and restore buildings with charm and character. They are also an excellent way to add traditional style to contemporary and new-build homes.

The manufacture of the flush door differs slightly from that of the window; we have to use a discreet diagonal weld to provide the extra strength required by larger glass units. However, every effort has been made to ensure that this does not detract from the overall style. This attention to detail and consistency across windows and doors makes Timberlook the ideal solution for your whole project.

Dummy sashes are designed to match the sightlines of the French door set, offering a more traditional option for wide apertures than a bi-folding door. All doors must open out but can be fitted with astragal bars, while taller apertures can feature a fanlight in their design.

flush door on house
light open room with windows and patio doors
garden and extension wit flush door

To achieve the most authentic finish for French doors that feature side panels, we intentionally use a deeper section to both the head and the cill. The resulting effect is that glass heights are all equal, providing a much more consistent sightline. Overall, they have the same appearance as traditional timber doors.

Flush sash French doors are available in the same range of colours as our windows, with furniture matching furniture and hardware in both standard and Premium Regency collections. These flush, open-out Timberlook doors are fitted with discreet hinges, maintaining the heritage aesthetic.

The Timberlook glazing system is designed with consideration of all aspects of Article 4 Conservation Area guidelines for windows. Design principles have been combined with the latest technology and the most convenient and cost-effective materials to create modern, thermally efficient and secure products that, most importantly, preserve the traditional look of your property and home.

Timberlook flush sash windows can meet local authority conditions for use in conservation areas and listed buildings. For example, they were recently accepted for use for a substantial home-building project in the heart of the Cotswolds. The local planning authority was satisfied that the appearance was authentic enough for use and commented:

Accepted as a variation on Condition 11, they are considered to successfully mimic traditional flush casements, and care has been taken over details such as the cill and trickle ventilation…

– Heritage Officer, Cotswold Council

What Is Article 4?

A local planning authority makes Article 4 directions. They restrict customarily permitted development rights and enforce that a planning application is needed for any development work. The use of modern materials could sometimes be prohibited, including window systems, if they are not appropriate. The local authority will consider their shape, size and overall aesthetic.

Timberlook systems are designed to mimic traditional and historical window designs while using modern materials. Provided that the window is designed with dimensions, detailing and opening mechanisms that are similar to the original windows, modern materials will be allowed within the specifications of planning articles. This is the essence of Timberlook.

Planning permission should always be obtained from the local planning authority before commencing any works.

What Are Listed Buildings?

A listed building is a building that has an architectural or historic interest. A listed status brings it under the consideration of local authority planning systems. Listed guidelines are in place to protect any special features for the future. A listed building can be developed and renovated, but special consent must be applied for if any changes to that building might affect its special interest.

It can be more difficult to replace windows in a listed building as listed building consent is required from your local authority.

Under government planning guidance, listed buildings can be altered, extended and sometimes even demolished. The local authority uses listed building consent to make decisions that balance historic significance against issues like function and building condition.

New-Build Projects

When specifying windows for any new-build property, it is essential to remember that they must conform to the latest stringent building regulations. These considerations are applicable to designing a single home or building an entire housing development.

Timberlook windows can be specified to the new Document Q standard, having passed independent testing. In addition, both the glass and the hardware that we use are uprated, and the windows are certified to PAS24 to satisfy the building inspectorate.

These are separate standards and should be specified when discussing your project with your local installer.

black slate tiled roof with window
black windows on new build
timber look windows

Timberlook Colours

Timberlook colours and finishes are carefully selected to complement buildings of any age. As a result, there is something to suit any project, no matter the stone, brick, or mortar. Our selection of woodgrain effects includes oak and rosewood.

There are grey finishes for more modern homes, including the anthracite foil that works well with modern aluminium windows and doors. Chartwell green has always been a popular choice, but one of our favourites is the grey-green Painswick colour. We can also accommodate dual-colour options to help match with existing decor.

colours of timberlook windows

Timberlook windows are available in standard colours and woodgrain foils, but they can also be ordered with colour combinations inside and out.

The lead times quoted for standard colours can change when ordering differing colour combinations. This matrix shows how colour combinations might affect manufacturing timescales and your delivery.

Consult the Southgate Plastics team for the most accurate delivery estimates.

Standard Handles

Contemporary handles are supplied as standard, with a selection of finishes to choose from when placing your order:

We also offer an additional range of premium options to choose from, including traditional handmade ironmongery. These optional extras are available for both windows and doors.

Finishing Touches

The Timberlook range of heritage flush sash windows and doors is standard with contemporary hardware. The appearance can be enhanced with pieces from our curated collection of traditional ironmongery.

The Timberlook offering is partnered with specialist manufacturers of traditional, handmade ironmongery, From The Anvil, to offer their exclusive heritage hardware. Pieces from this range come in various unique, hand-crafted finishes that complement the Timberlook aesthetic.

The Premium Regency handle collection features timeless designs made by hand to order. By working each piece on an anvil, handles are imbued with a wealth of character and charm that can’t be found in other hardware ranges. Crafted from mild steel, they provide all the benefits you would expect from modern window and door furniture – with unrivalled levels of strength, security and ease of use.

From The Anvil

From The Anvil is a manufacturer of high-end ironmongery with many years of experience. They are specialist designers and blacksmiths that produce the most traditional hardware for windows and doors.

The most authentic heritage flush sash windows and doors deserve an equally stylish finishing touch. There is no better way to enhance the Timberlook style than choosing ironmongery from the Premium Regency collection of handles.

The Monkeytail

Inspired by original 18th-century designs, the most traditional styles start life as a thin piece of mild steel that a blacksmith delicately works by hand to form the famous and distinctive curly shape.

Available for both windows and doors, monkeytail handles instantly add traditional character and charm to any project.

The Avon

Famous for its pure simplicity, this signature design by From The Anvil is hammered into shape by hand. Each piece has an individual finish and contemporary edge.

This four-sided design is created by hand, with every blow from the blacksmith’s hammer providing unique detail and character. The Avon handle will work in all properties, whether a cottage, barn, apartment or townhouse. Also very popular for commercial properties.

The Peardrop

A traditional looking handle with all the benefits of secure, modern hardware. Produced from mild steel for superior strength and hand-forged with unique character and detail, the Peardrop handle enhances the Timberlook heritage style for period and contemporary projects.

The Teardrop

The Teardrop is a sleek and contemporary design that would suit any setting. It is fully reversible and die-cast for a precision, machined finish. Each handle is cranked forward for ease of use and maintains this classic design’s traditional proportions.

Shepherd’s Crook

A delicate and traditional design that can only be made possible by skilled master blacksmiths.

It has a thin fixing plate, designed to fit Timberlook PVCu windows, and it is available with a matching shepherd’s crook stay in pewter or black. Handles are cranked forwards from the window for ease of use.

Window Accessories

Modern windows often do not require a stay but require a dummy stay for decoration purposes. Dummy stays would not function to keep the window shut or locked but are attached to give a modern window the appearance of an older one.

Completing the Look

There is more to a successful renovation or building project than choosing the right windows. As specialist suppliers of PVCu systems, we have a wide range of products that can be combined to fit your project.

Choose from sliding or bi-folding aluminium doors to really open up a space and bring the outside in. The strength to weight ratio of aluminium allows us to accommodate large glass units with fewer and slimmer sightlines, flooding your rooms with light and increasing the sense of space.

Our aluminium rooflights and lantern systems can add to this effect, with minimal sightlines and unobstructed sky views.

Composite doors are an ideal solution for entrances, with styles and colours that maintain the integrity, look and feel of the Timberlook flush sash and your heritage project. By matching colours and finishes across our product ranges, we can ensure that your designs and projects have the desired look and aesthetic with consistency and style. Speak to the Southgate team today.


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