Composite Decking Weston-Super-Mare

Composite Decking Weston-Super-Mare

At Southgate, we can offer a range of supply only composite decking for your home in Weston-Super-Mare. We provide a wide variety of design and style options to help you create your perfect garden space. We can offer our decking to trade suppliers in Weston-Super-Mare, Bridgwater, Bristol, Somerset and Devon, along with Taunton, Glastonbury, Bath, Exeter, and Barnstaple.

Composite Decking in Weston-Super-Mare

When you choose Southgate, it’s easy to get supply only composite decking in Weston-Super-Mare. At Southgate, we know the value of a great garden space, which is why we make sure our composite decking comes from market-leading companies. Supplied by STORM, our double faced WPC decking offers a woodgrain and grooved option to one board, recreating traditional wood without drawbacks.

Our composite decking, then, is a durable option for trade suppliers in Weston-Super-Mare. Your design will have a combination of materials within it to make sure that our new decking will last for decades. Our decking is made up of 45% timber fibres and 55% HDPE and additives for a more durable blend. As a result, you can benefit from our decking for decades.

When you opt for supply only composite decking from Southgate, you’ll also work with a trusted local company in Weston-Super-Mare. Our supply only designs come exactly as described, meaning you’ll know what you can do with them straight away, making the whole fitting process run smoothly. You can get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more and explore competitive composite decking prices!

Composite Decking Features

If you have clients that want to add composite decking to their home in Weston-Super-Mare, our WPC decking sets your business apart. Compared to regular timber, a WPC composite blend can offer a wide array of features and customisable designs. When you pair this flexbility with the strength and durability of WPC, you’ll have a decking design that works well for everyone.

Durable Designs

With our composite decking, you can offer a design that lasts for years to come. Our decking is made up of several stunning, strong materials that make our decking robust and resilient. As a result, it can deal with anything the British weather can throw at it. Our decking will withstand all conditions, including high winds and heavy rain to make sure the decking doesn’t let anybody down.

With WPC composite decking, you can offer a design for your clients that won’t fade, scratch, stain, mould, slot, rot, decay or crack. With this peace of mind, your clients can invest in high-quality composite decking for their homes in Weston-Super-Mare in complete confidence. Give your clients what they want and more today with our range of composite decking in Weston-Super-Mare!

coloured composite decking weston-super-mare

composite teak decking weston-super-mare

Features of Composite Decking from Southgate

Tailored To You

When you work with Southgate, you can offer tailored composite decking to homes in Weston-Super-Mare. We can react to custom orders by allowing you to get fully bespoke decking for your clients. Our decking is available in 5m or 3m lengths with optional steps to ensure it suits any space. And, with colour options like Teak, Brown, Natural, Grey and Black, it’ll look perfect too.

Low Maintenance

Another massive benefit of our composite decking is that it saves time for your clients. It’s because our durable WPC blend doesn’t need regular maintenance, meaning your clients will have more time to enjoy their new investment. All you need to do is wipe the decking down with a damp cloth to keep the design looking just as good as it did on the day of installation.

Designed For Easy Installation

Our supply only composite decking puts you in charge of the installation in Weston-Super-Mare. However, we don’t make that installation hard. Instead, we’ve made sure our composite decking designs have an easy installation with our innovative designs. You can install our WPC decking at any time within the year, although it’s best not to do it in winter or in temperatures lower than 5 degrees.


You can install our garden composite decking in Weston-Super-Mare in 5c+ temperatures.

toolColour Choice

With our wide range of bespoke colours, your clients can choose the perfect design for their homes.


Our composite decking can last for decades, meaning an excellent investment for your clients.


Our WPC composite decking uses a range of materials, making it durable and resilient for your clients.

toolEasy Installation

Our WPC composite decking is easy to install and suits a wide range of living spaces.

toolExcellent Service

At Southgate, we offer excellent, expert service from the moment you get in touch right through to delivery.

composite garden decking weston-super-mare

Composite Decking Prices Weston-Super-Mare

If you’d like to learn more about our composite decking, or decking costs in Weston-Super-Mare, then get in touch with Southgate today!

You can get a free, no-obligation quote for any design in our range. Request a quote today to receive a personalised price to suit your project requirements.

Alternatively, you can ask us any further questions by contacting Southgate today. You can call us on 01278 455 326 or fill in our online form.

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